Aqua Allegoria Harvest Nerolia Vetiver Guerlain
Feature Description
Main Accords Aromatic, Green, Citrus, Floral, Woody
Facets Fresh, Aromatic, Sweet, Earthy, Warm
Brand Name Guerlain
Perfumer Delphine Jelk
Fragrance Notes Bergamot, Petitgrain, Basil, Neroli, Rose, Orange Blossom, Fig, Calabrian Orange Blossom Honey, Vetiver, White Musk
Creation Date 2023
Formats Eau de Toilette

Aqua Allegoria Harvest Nerolia Vetiver, a name that evokes the sun-drenched landscapes of the Mediterranean. This fragrance is an olfactory journey, a poem of scents that transports me to a world of lush greenery and vibrant florals.

The first breath is a burst of freshness, a dance of bergamot and petitgrain intertwined with the aromatic whispers of basil. Then, the heart of the fragrance unfolds, a symphony of neroli, rose, and orange blossom, their petals unfurling in a delicate embrace. A hint of fig adds a touch of sweetness, a taste of the sun-ripened fruit.

As the fragrance settles, a warm embrace of Calabrian orange blossom honey envelops me. The base notes emerge, a grounding whisper of vetiver and white musk, anchoring the fragrance to my skin.

The bottle, a reinterpretation of Guerlain’s iconic Bee Bottle, is a work of art in itself. The transparent glass allows the vibrant green juice to shimmer, a reflection of the sunlight filtering through the leaves of a hidden garden.

Aqua Allegoria Harvest Nerolia Vetiver is more than just a perfume; it is an experience, a connection to nature, a moment of pure bliss. It is a reminder that beauty can be found in the simplest things, in the scent of a flower, the warmth of the sun, the gentle caress of the breeze. It is a whisper of summer, a memory of a stolen moment in a secret garden.