Summer Festival Escada
Feature Information
Main Accords Floral, Fruity, Sweet
Facets Fresh, Gourmand, Spring
Brand Name Escada
Perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie
Fragrance Notes Top: Green Mandarin, Ice Cream Heart: Cherry Blossom, Jasmine Sambac Base: Sandalwood
Creation Date 2021
Formats Eau de Toilette

Escada Summer Festival: A Review

Oh, how I adore the summer! The sun’s warm embrace, the scent of blooming flowers, the carefree laughter echoing through the air. And what better way to capture this essence than with a fragrance that embodies the very spirit of the season? Enter Escada Summer Festival, a perfume that paints a vibrant picture of joy, festivity, and carefree abandon.

The first spritz is like a burst of sunshine on my skin. The sweet, juicy notes of green mandarin and ice cream dance on my senses, leaving a trail of pure delight. It’s a playful, almost mischievous scent that evokes memories of childhood summers, filled with laughter and carefree adventures.

As the fragrance settles, a delicate floral heart emerges, with the captivating scent of jasmine sambac taking center stage. It’s a radiant, opulent bloom, reminiscent of a summer sunset, casting a warm glow on everything it touches. The subtle touch of cherry blossom adds a touch of springtime sweetness, creating a harmonious blend of floral delight.

Finally, the base notes of sandalwood ground the fragrance, providing a warm, milky, and enveloping embrace. It’s a comforting and sensual touch that lingers on the skin long after the initial burst of freshness has faded.

Escada Summer Festival is more than just a perfume; it’s a mood, an attitude, a celebration of life and all its vibrant possibilities. It’s the scent of laughter shared with friends, the thrill of dancing under the stars, the joy of simply being alive. It’s a reminder to embrace the present moment, to let go of worries, and to revel in the beauty of the summer season.

With each spray, I’m transported to a world of endless possibilities, where the sun shines brightly and the air is filled with the promise of adventure. It’s a scent that makes me feel alive, vibrant, and ready to embrace all that life has to offer.

So, if you’re looking for a fragrance that captures the essence of summer, look no further than Escada Summer Festival. It’s a symphony of joy, a celebration of life, and a reminder to always embrace the sunshine within.