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Perfumes in our lives

Since the beginning of time when people started to worship the cult of fire and smoke, the use of scented herbs, roots and other aromatic substances for magical rituals takes its origin. In the past, we have learned to use scents to their advantage: for healing, calming, for seduction, for women to seduce, and for warriors to increase energy. Modern man uses not only natural, natural fragrances, but also creates them artificially, and so appeared perfumery. We perceive the fragrances mostly subconsciously and only few consciously.

Fragrances lift our spirits

The pleasant favorite perfumes or natural smells create a certain atmosphere, improve mood, positively influence the emotional state. A person tries to “keep” these smells as signs of harmony and tranquility, they gradually become part of his image, even life. After all, the fresh smell of a stream or waterfall, a flowering garden relaxes and soothes, romantic images appear in front of us. The smell of bread in the supermarket creates a warm feeling of home, causes peace, and customers part with their money more easily. The Japanese have noticed that smells contribute to the quality of work in production only because they merely lift the mood.
Depression and fatigue can easily be treated by smells: create an atmosphere of happiness and joy – bring in a bouquet of flowers, use fragrant perfume sprays or perfumes. And there’s a smile on your lips!