Aqua Allegoria Forte Nerolia Vetiver Guerlain
Feature Details
Main Accords Aromatic, Citrus, Green
Facets Fresh, Zesty, Floral, Woody
Brand Name Guerlain
Perfumer Delphine Jelk, Thierry Wasser
Fragrance Notes Bergamot, Petitgrain, Basil, Neroli, Fig, Rose, Cedar, Vetiver, Tonka Bean
Creation Date 2023
Formats 75 ml, 125 ml

Aqua Allegoria Forte Nerolia Vetiver is a beautiful fragrance that evokes the lush greenery and sunny skies of Ischia, an island off the coast of Naples. The scent is a blend of floral and woody notes, with a prominent neroli presence that is both fresh and invigorating. I found the bergamot and petitgrain to be particularly uplifting, while the basil added a touch of earthiness. The fig and rose notes provided a touch of sweetness and elegance, while the cedar, vetiver, and tonka bean rounded out the fragrance with a warm and grounding base.

Overall, I found Aqua Allegoria Forte Nerolia Vetiver to be a very well-balanced and enjoyable fragrance. It is perfect for a summer day, as it is both refreshing and long-lasting. The scent is also quite versatile, as it can be worn both day and night.

I would recommend Aqua Allegoria Forte Nerolia Vetiver to anyone who enjoys fresh and floral fragrances with a touch of woodiness. It is a truly beautiful scent that is sure to please.