Moonlight Rose de Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels
Feature Description
Main Accords Floral, Fruity
Facets Rose, Sweet, Powdery, Spicy
Brand Name Van Cleef & Arpels
Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin
Fragrance Notes Rose, Raspberry, Patchouli, Moss, Geranium, Pink Pepper
Creation Date 2023
Formats Eau de Parfum

Moonlight Rose: A Dreamy Encounter with a Rose in Bloom

The first spritz of Moonlight Rose is like stepping into a moonlit garden, where the air is filled with the sweet, intoxicating scent of roses in full bloom. It’s a fragrance that evokes a sense of serenity and peace, yet simultaneously exudes a subtle sensuality.

The opening is a burst of fresh, dewy rose petals, with a hint of sweetness from the Bulgarian rose. The Taif rose adds a touch of spice and honey, making the fragrance more complex and intriguing. As the scent settles, the floral notes are joined by a warm base of patchouli and moss, giving it a depth and richness that lingers on the skin.

The heart of Moonlight Rose is undoubtedly the rose, but it’s not a singular, overpowering note. Instead, it’s a harmonious blend of different rose varieties, each contributing its own unique character. The Bulgarian rose provides a classic, sweet rose scent, while the Taif rose adds a touch of the exotic. The result is a fragrance that is both familiar and surprising, both comforting and alluring.

The longevity of Moonlight Rose is impressive, lasting for several hours on my skin. The sillage is moderate, creating a subtle aura of fragrance around me without being overpowering. It’s a scent that I find myself reaching for when I want to feel elegant and sophisticated, yet still approachable and inviting.

The flacon is a work of art in itself, with its sleek, black design and elegant white label. It feels luxurious and substantial in my hand, reflecting the quality of the fragrance it contains.