Notetaking is a daily olfactory audiozine, like a podcast, just a lil’ different. Our focus is international artisan + independent perfumers who make unisex (sometimes masculine-leaning) fragrances. We also cover “designer” fragrances once in a while. Each of these reviews has a short/sweet audio component. We want to get on with our day, and you with yours!


As ‘the Notetaker’ TJ Norris has begun to re-discover fragrances for the first time since the late 80’s! Presenting a weekly audiozine contemplating exquisite and confounding scents from all corners of the globe. Here you can listen to weekly segments on parfum houses, artisan, niche, independent fragrances and all things olfactory. Norris is a New England-bred, Texas-based artist + sensory practitioner. He lives in Fort Worth (‘where the West begins’) with his husband Jon and their amazing nine year young mastiff Sgt. “Sarge” Belvediere – 130#s of fuzzy wuzzy. For the past three decades he has worked as a freelance contemporary art curator, teacher, gallery owner + cultural writer.

Between the late 80’s and early 90’s Norris curated two multisensory exhibitions that focused on scent-related work in various media: Uncommon Senses (SUNY/Binghamton Art Museum, NY) and Breaking The Mold (Tufts Aidekman Arts Center, MA). His studio work can be explored in depth here. Aside for previously writing art and music reviews for diverse publications as Art Ltd, Willamette Week, Art News, The Oregonian (online), Paris Transatlantic, Resident Advisor, Igloo Magazine and MIT Press’ Leonardo – once upon a time Norris even had a short stint as a food writer in Nova Scotia and for the Boston Herald where he once had to ingest seventeen different fruitcakes during the holidays.

When not in the studio he can be found appreciating the wonders of the culinary world (Norris is a Yelp Elite) as well as in the garden birdwatching or working on his podcast, Toneshift, a weekly curated program focused on experimental / electronic music + modern composers. It’s all about concept + composition. Always expect the unexpected.


Each fragrance gets a rating from toxic to intoxicating, 0-100%. This is pretty much based on both personal preference/taste (remember: opinions are not facts) as well as the overall composition which is made up of the “Three C’s“: concept, chemistry, complexity. Most everything I review comes from an initial impression – and I also understand that times and taste may change and settle over time. Some perfumes are stronger than others and I take that into consideration as well. Lastly, I always take into consideration mood, and other environmental factors in the overall impact of the olfactory experience. Nothing is directly sponsored, so I never rely on others’ opinions or outside influence. I always do my best to offer an honest review given these factors, even when something doesn’t fit these parameters.

Opinions are not facts.
Please do reach out + touch, keep your mask on.