Mal Aimé Parfum d'Empire
Feature Information
Main Accords Green, Floral, Woody, Earthy, Aromatic
Facets Floral, Herbaceous, Salty, Musky
Brand Name Parfum d’Empire
Perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato
Fragrance Notes Inula, Rose, Honey, Wood, Salt, Musk, Thistle, Nettle, Bramble, Roots
Creation Date 2021
Formats Eau de Parfum

Mal-Aimé: A Journey Through the Wild Heart of Corsica

Mal-Aimé, a fragrance born from the rugged landscapes of Corsica, unfolds like a secret whispered by the wind. It’s not a perfume for the faint of heart, but for those who seek adventure in the unexpected.

The first breath is a burst of green, the scent of crushed leaves and sun-baked earth. It’s the wild embrace of the maquis, where the inule, a “mal-aimé” weed, thrives. But beneath the green, a subtle sweetness emerges, like the ghost of a rose hidden amongst the thorns.

As the hours pass, Mal-Aimé reveals its layers. The inule’s floral heart blooms, tinged with honeyed warmth. It’s a scent that evokes sun-drenched meadows and the carefree spirit of childhood summers. Then, a whisper of salt creeps in, a reminder of the sea that kisses the Corsican shores. It’s a grounding element, a touch of reality amidst the ethereal florals.

The base notes are a deep, earthy embrace. The scent of roots and wood evokes the ancient forests that blanket the island’s mountains. It’s a grounding presence, a reminder of the enduring strength of nature.

Mal-Aimé is more than just a perfume; it’s an experience. It’s a journey through the wild heart of Corsica, a place where beauty and ruggedness collide. It’s a reminder that even the most overlooked can hold hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered by those who dare to explore.

It’s a fragrance that lingers on the skin and in the memory, a whisper of the maquis that stays with you long after the last drop has faded.