EP 43: An Esteemed Profile

One of those revered modern masterpieces, this comes from Mr. Roja Dove‘s house, here for your sensory pleasure is Elysium. There must be a hundred ingredients in this masterful concoction, it’s sublimely sophisticated, just shy of perfection for my personal taste. Fragrances like this come around once every few decades or so, in ways defining an era. I’d venture to say this is by far one of the more daring fragrances out there right now. Personally I’m not a fan of the ‘royal’ design treatments for the bottle, the scent speaks for itself without it’s chunky ornamentation. But this is truly one for the ages. Kings and queens of yore would blush in its mist. Find out more, click play.

SoundtrackFaith And Labour by Sigha (2012)

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