INFUSED + EMBEDDED: “Sideris was created during a walk along a Mediterranean beach in Liguria, Italy at night. It was such an enchanting moment that you could feel something like floating in the sky, between the sea and the stars. It is a purely poetic fragrance. Dedicated to the last night star “In The Morning... Continue Reading →

SP x Miguel Matos Private Perfumes

Here we have a collaboration between the house of SP Parfums and perfumer Miguel Matos, who has his own line of perfumes. There are five fragrances in all, below there is a link to a set of three which is currently available on the site. These all use synthetic notes regarding any animal related accords.... Continue Reading →

Prescent Summer 2020 Duo

“More than ever, we could do with help in managing our moods and our mindfulness.  We spent eighteen months creating perfumes that enhance your moods and help you tune your state of mind. The hero ingredient this Summer is the finest natural Vanilla Absolute - an ancient aroma the Aztecs used over centuries as a calming, connecting aphrodisiac...” Click Play, to hear my thoughts... Continue Reading →

EP 91: C’est la vie en Rose

REVVED-UP, ER, RRRROSE: A very, very different take on the presentation of patchouli. Forget the 70's, this tightens and freshens all expectations. Take a deep long whiff. Parfums de Nicolai reformulated this to make it more unisex, and well, success! They describe it as: "The patchouli is surrounded by an oriental background trimmed with incense... Continue Reading →

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