Polished Vanilla

“Essential and oriental, Vanilla Shot boasts a fresh and sensual richness that blossoms thanks to myrrh resin. The fragrance is energized by top notes of coriander, saffron and aldehydes and enhanced by the presence of rose and dried fruits..” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseOlfactive StudioOriginFranceFragranceVanilla ShotYear2018NoseBertrand DuchaufourConcentrationExtrait de ParfumGenderUAtmosphereBaroom to... Continue Reading →

Melt With You

THIS AIN'T 'CHEAP': “Dark and primal, Chypre Shot boasts a powerful and original chypre accord with a revisited accord of oakmoss amidst a playful association of notes of patchouli, peony, black pepper, and coffee.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseOlfactive StudioOriginFranceFragranceChypre ShotYear2019NoseBertrand DuchaufourConcentrationExtrait de ParfumGenderU/FSeasonFall thru SpringSize/Cost15-100ml/$79-275SourceOlfactive StudioSoundtrackSpring Aroma by Martin... Continue Reading →

I Need You By Me, To Hold Me, To Scold Me

“The Jazz Soul — Vibrant spotlights, smoky rooms, the brassy notes of a saxophone: an evocative cocktail brings alive the energetic soul of a musical genre that broke boundaries and hearts. Leather and rose take center stage with bass notes of agarwood, vetiver and saffron.” Fragrance: Smoke ShowOrigin: France/USAHouse: Vilhelm ParfumerieNose: Jerome EpinetteConcentration: EDPSeason: For... Continue Reading →

Violaceous + Herbaceous

“Elegant and woody, violet shows off all of its facets in Violet Shot. The fresh scent of cut grass meets the sparkling notes of mandarin and rose. Violet leaf reveals its true self, accompanied by the leathery notes of safraleine. Indonesian patchouli gives texture to the rich scent of vanilla bean and labdanum as they... Continue Reading →

Parisian Progressive

“There's no question that oud is the "it" ingredient of modern perfumery, but so many oud scents are so content to re-hash the tried-and-true combinations that we can't help but feel that the "modern" part of it has gotten a bit lost. Not so with Oud Vendôme, a genuinely modern oud that folds the smoky,... Continue Reading →

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