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ITS A SECRET RECIPE: “Imagine yourself in space, what would you crave from Earth? Your favorite childhood dessert? This fragrance is rich and decadent with notes of Persian saffron, rose, milky lactones, and tonka yet manages to be airy and crisp; it seems to float between sparkling stars and sweet nostalgia — suspended between weightlessness... Continue Reading →

The Thrill Is The Chill

PENNYROYAL FOR YOUR THOUGHTS?: “In the space between summer and winter, a robust burst of pennyroyal and fresh cut trees start out as an autumnal offertory. As the fragrance develops, it takes the wearer on a fantastical journey through the woods with an exotic bouquet dry-down. It is a time machine, leading its wearer through... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Evergreen Elixir

“Have you ever been to the wild unknown? Dense, dark, mysterious. The scent of the primal forest, inhabited by animals in their habitat, where humans are the interlopers. To be unseen, you have to be unsmelled. October 2020 disguises your city scent, mimics the sap you brush against, and softens your aura from being obvious.... Continue Reading →

The Spirits of Lime

“The inspiration for this fragrance was taken from the beautiful landscapes of the region such as the terracotta and bluish green fields where the blue agave is grown, the diverse flora of the region’s microclimates and the beautiful turquoise blue beaches of Puerto Vallarta where the rainforest and the sea meet, the fizzing sound of... Continue Reading →

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