EP 41: Soft Smoke

From Hiram Green this is the award winning Hyde. A vanilla/leather combo that makes a nice first impression. At the center of this fragrance is a tiny yellow flower that grows within a thorny bush/tree, talk about blood, sweat and tears going into the making of such an uncharacteristic formula. This will make you want... Continue Reading →

EP 32: Glowing Grandeur

This one has a Southernly pulse. In my intro to the house of Blocki, this is Kościuszko. It's not what it initially appears as, in an entrance that opens slowly. This plays with that essence a bit, in a wink to time itself. What makes this put a twist on the traditional 'Oriental woody' fragrance?... Continue Reading →

EP 18: Into The Embers

A pleasant introduction to a NYC-based perfume house that makes fragrances "Sourced from the Finest Rare and Exotic Oils, Tinctures and Absolutes." This is Euphorium Brooklyn's unique Wald. Majesty, mystery, magick. With an air of reverence, and a hint of dinge, this is a strange perfume that will have you guessing, and considering where to... Continue Reading →

EP 14: The Nu Orange

Irida / Cyclades 38°3’N hit the spot, and took me somewhere. Just where? You will have to offer your ears to find out. This citrus-leaning fragrance is one-of-a-kind and just may be a distant relation to a famous, much older brother. Hey, I'm someone's older brother. Is that just a coincidence? This is most definitely... Continue Reading →

EP 6: Unearthing The Essence

Here we have a fragrance of mystery, one for the ages in fact. From England it's Centauri's Dendera (the nose: Peter Carter). You just might find yourself in an old chapel in a desolate town. It's oh so quiet here, with a smoky resonance. Remember to look everywhere -- not only ahead, behind and inwardly,... Continue Reading →

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