Who Is Lisa Gherardini?

ITALIAN TRIP: “Limited series from the Beaux-arts collection, based on the olfactory art installation Sfumato Invisible by Alexandra Bachand. The perfume pays homage to a bygone era and symbolically gives an invisible presence to Lisa Gherardini, the enigmatic woman who grew up in Florence whose portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci using the pictorial technique of sfumato, from Italian “smoky”, is today one of the most famous in the world. In the footsteps of the Italian Renaissance, the Quebec perfumer artist travels to Italy to extract iris pallida, blue gold from fine perfumery, a rare material which she extracted in Siena. Amber and deep, the fragrance captures a note suspended in the workshop, when the portrait of Mona Lisa is painted by the grand master in the VXI century.” Check out this short documentary of the making of this incredible perfume:

HouseLa Grange du Parfumeur
NoseAlexandra Bachand
SeasonThe Essence of Springtime
Size/CostSample / $20 + 30ml / $195
SourceLa Grange du Parfumeur
SoundtrackHotel Mona Lisa by Celer + Forest Management, 2018

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