The Sheen of Night

A COLLABORATIVE POSTSCRIPT: “The P.S. perfume is a beautiful August evening recreated in detail. Musk and quality leather, dry vetiver and foggy resinous patchouli paint a convincing picture of tired summer with warm asphalt after rain. The theme of hard day’s night is continued with crispy opopanax, as well as chords of precious resins of myrrh and elemi. With all those notes you can distinguish the first sip of good dense wine, and the long-awaited coolness of twilight, and dust washed off by rain. The outgoing thunderstorm is escorted by a rolling amber-sandalwood base, adding depth and authenticity to the evening. The post scriptum will sound equally rich on both a woman and a man without attracting too much attention – like an ideal pair of shoes that fits everythingŌSE is very memorable for one trip on the river. He woke up early in the morning and started the boat trip with the sunrise. The drops of water from the strokes of the oars were splashed the skin while the cool wind invigorated the soul. In the surrounding silence he could hear only how the dragonflies flap their wings. It was so cool to start a day in such an extraordinary way, finding yourself surrounded by the smells and sounds of this place. NŌSE decided to create Morning Rowing to share this wonderful episode with the world. Cool and fresh in the beginning with very long-lasting base.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseNŌSE Perfumes + AVGVST
NoseTimur Solodov
SeasonLate Summer into Early Winter
Size/Cost33ml / $93
Source/LinkNŌSE Perfumes (+ in USA)
SoundtrackAugust Macke by Robag Wruhme, 2002

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