Exotic Luxury

THE NEW-NEW BLACK: “The second launch for 2019 is an oriental study around Patchouly leaves and Pink Pepper. Spicy and woody refined with real narde from the Himalaya, black wild collected Olibanum from Jemen and deep Oud from Vietnam. Black C reflects Andreas years working in Dubai for different fragrance Houses and was originally created for a client in Middle east looking for a modern but classic oriental fragrance…A leftover from a customer requested me to work around an overdose of ethylmaltol, ambroxan and evernyl (aka the baccarat rouge from Francis Kurkdijan). As the destiny was more towards Middle East we were playing around with old dark patchouly, a drop of prescious oud and rich incense from a wild collection in Oman.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

NoseAndreas Wilhelm
SoundtrackTerpene by Carbon Based Lifeforms, 2011

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