Floral Fossils

ROSE TEA + TREE: “A warm and smouldering return to the liquid gold essence of oud and the precious tree of its origin Just as the aroma of wood smoke spikes winter’s air, AQUILARIA injects warmth into that which is cold. The fragrance is a dedication to the East Asian tree of the same name – and most especially to divine oud, its darkly precious protective resin. From its opening of smouldering notes of bergamot singed with black pepper, to the Turkish rose absolute and black Ceylon tea that introduce depth, the scent is smoky and sweet. On through an accord of guaiac wood and a touch of oakmoss, to endnotes of balsam of tolu, labdanum and vanilla, this is a truly beguiling chypre.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseNancy Meiland Parfums
NoseNancy Meiland
SeasonSpring + Autumn
Source/LinkNancy Meiland Parfums
SoundtrackHow Silent The Trees by Ümlaut, 2019

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