The Portfolio by Commodity

BLACK + WHITE + PLATINUM ALL OVER: This Portfolio collection comes from the house of Commodity a range of fragrances (2013-2018). “The Portfolio catalogs fifteen of Commodity’s unisex fragrances from our Platinum, Black and White collections. Each scent is expertly crafted to be worn stand alone or can be layered for a fully customizable experience.” Of the fifteen in the set, I give my very first impressions of nine of the above, and these come from eight different master noses. I most definitely had some strong favorites which I will bring back for singular reviews in the near future. Just Click Play for more.

For me, thumbing through a collection like this really gives a solid impression about the breadth of what a house has on offer, and several of these are top tier, bar none.

Noses (featured)Stephen Nilsen, Caroline Sabas, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Jerome Epinette, Olivia Jan, Donna Ramanauskas, Mathieu Nardin, Ketrin Leka
Soundtrack15/16 by NHK, 2012

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