EP 19: Checkmate

Perhaps this is a bit of a cheeky double-take on my part. Perhaps this reminds me of something I already only recently reviewed, something released in 2017. But this arose as a preface, two years prior (2015). Hmmm. This had me thinking of perfume as a game of who advanced first, and why. There is a strategy at play here. And there is a serious side to it all. This is Morning Chess from Vilhelm Parfumerie out of New York City. I must say the nose on this understands the patience it takes to perfect something both ripe and thought-provoking. Still, it makes me second guess my own opinion. An elegant older gent once quipped: “Is it all just a game?

Origin: USA
Rating (toxic 2 intoxicating): 90%
Source: Aedes.com
Soundtrack: Polar by Pjusk (2012)

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