EP 3: Yin/Yang

In this episode I cover two very different fragrances, one hailing from Cologne, Germany and the other coming out of Paris, France. These strangely come off like two kindred variations on one’s seasonal temperament with very unique personalities. Somehow they are quite singular though to my nose there are parallels that I am trying to nail down. Here we have my thoughts on No 4711 Acqua Colonia – Mandarine & Cardamom by Mäurer & Wirtz (‘Summer Me’) and La Liturgie des Heures by Jovoy Parfums (‘Winter Me’). Each possess very intricate and diverse notes, and are each worth exploring much further.

Overall Rating: Toxic to Intoxicating:
88% La Liturgie des Heures (Origin: France)
65% Acqua Colonia / Mandarine & Cardamom (Origin: Germany)

Sourced at Amazon + Luckyscent
Backing soundtrack is Litany 2 by Bass Communion (Tonefloat, 2009).

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