This is a question that often comes up and to which we don’t necessarily know the answer. tells you everything in this article!

Indeed, in the world of perfumery we distinguish 4 types of products: perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de Cologne. But what really differentiates them?

The main difference between these 4 names is the quantity of concentrated ingredients inside. The eau de Cologne has between 3 to 6% of pure perfume, the eau de toilette contains between 5 and 15%, against 15 to 20% for the eau de parfum and 20 to 40% for the perfume.

We can therefore deduce that the Eau de Cologne has a much more subtle fragrance than perfume but its smell lasts less long on the skin. Indeed, it tends to evaporate quickly and often has a lighter tenacity.

  • -The eau de toilette will remain subtle and can last between 3 to 5 hours on the skin. It is often appreciated by people who wish to be perfumed in a light way or for example the time of an evening.
  • -The water of perfume persists on average until 6 hours, it makes a good compromise for the people who seek a less concentrated fragrance than the perfume and which will last in time.
  • -Finally, the perfume is to be sprayed with subtlety, it can last several consecutive hours on the skin without fading and has a powerful and assertive smell.

Generally, it is easier to choose eau de toilette or eau de parfum because they last long enough on the skin and their olfactory concentration is less dense than perfume, which can quickly become heady when badly dosed. The eau de toilette is to be preferred for sensitive skins because its alcohol content is lower and will thus, less tend to dry the skin. It is also very appreciated, in summer period for its soft and light smell.

You have thus understood well, that what distinguishes these 4 types of products, it is the concentration in perfume which will induce a more or less intense fragrance.

According to your expectations and your desires, you now know how to choose between these 4 products of the perfumery and to know which are the good gestures to be perfumed, here is another article of blog.