When it comes to storing essential oils, choosing the right bottle is crucial to maintaining their quality and effectiveness. The color of the bottle plays an important role in protecting the oils from light and heat, which can degrade their potency over time. In this article, we will explore the importance of bottle color for essential oils and discuss the best options available on the market.

1. Amber Bottles: Preserving the Power of Essential Oils

Amber-colored bottles are widely considered the best choice for storing essential oils. The dark amber color provides excellent protection from UV light, which can cause oxidation and deterioration of the oils. UV rays can break down the chemical compounds in essential oils, resulting in a decrease in their therapeutic properties.

Amber bottles act as a shield, preventing harmful light from reaching the oils and ensuring their longevity. The dark color also helps regulate temperature, minimizing the effects of heat on the oils. By preserving the potency of the oils, amber bottles ensure that you can enjoy the full benefits of your essential oils for an extended period of time.

2. Cobalt Blue Bottles: A reliable alternative

While amber bottles are the preferred choice, cobalt blue bottles are also a reliable option for storing essential oils. Similar to amber, cobalt blue provides excellent protection from UV light, ensuring that the oils remain stable and potent. The dark blue color effectively filters out harmful rays, preserving the integrity of the oils.

Cobalt blue bottles are particularly suitable for essential oils that are sensitive to light, such as citrus oils. These oils are known to have a shorter shelf life due to their high volatility and susceptibility to oxidation. Using cobalt blue bottles can help extend the life of these oils, allowing you to enjoy their aromatic and therapeutic qualities for longer.

3. Clear bottles: A Risky Choice

Clear bottles, while visually appealing, are not ideal for storing essential oils. Unlike amber or cobalt blue bottles, clear containers offer minimal protection from UV light. This means that essential oils stored in clear bottles are more susceptible to degradation and faster loss of potency.
Exposure to light can cause chemical changes in the oils, resulting in a decrease in their therapeutic benefits. If you choose to store your essential oils in clear bottles, it is important to keep them in a dark and cool place to minimize exposure to light. However, it is generally recommended to choose amber or cobalt blue bottles for optimal preservation of your essential oils.

4. Bottle Quality Considerations

When choosing an essential oil bottle, it is not only the color that is important, but also the quality of the bottle itself. High quality bottles are typically made of dark colored glass, which provides superior protection from light and heat. It is also important to choose bottles with airtight caps or dropper inserts to prevent air and moisture from entering the bottle.

Also, make sure the bottles you choose are specifically designed for essential oils. They should be made of glass rather than plastic, as certain oils can interact with plastic materials and affect their quality. Investing in quality bottles will help ensure the potency and longevity of your precious essential oils.

5. Proper storage of essential oils

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best color bottle for essential oils, amber and cobalt blue are the top contenders. These dark bottles provide excellent protection from UV light and help preserve the potency of the oils. Clear bottles, on the other hand, offer minimal protection and are not recommended for storing essential oils. Remember to choose high-quality dark glass bottles and store your essential oils properly to maintain their quality and potency. With the right bottle and proper storage, you can enjoy the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of your essential oils for an extended period of time.


What color bottle is best for essential oils?

The best color bottle for essential oils is amber or dark-colored glass.

Why is an amber or dark-colored glass bottle preferred for essential oils?

Amber or dark-colored glass bottles are preferred for essential oils because they provide protection against sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunlight and UV rays can cause the oils to degrade and lose their potency.

What happens if essential oils are exposed to sunlight or UV rays?

If essential oils are exposed to sunlight or UV rays, they can undergo oxidation and become less potent. The chemical composition of the oils can be altered, leading to a decrease in their therapeutic properties.

Are there any other reasons for using amber or dark-colored glass bottles for essential oils?

Yes, apart from protecting against sunlight and UV rays, amber or dark-colored glass bottles also help to prevent the oils from being affected by heat. They create a barrier that limits temperature fluctuations and helps maintain the oils’ stability.

Can I use clear glass or plastic bottles for storing essential oils?

It is generally not recommended to use clear glass or plastic bottles for storing essential oils. Clear glass and plastic do not provide sufficient protection against sunlight and UV rays, which can lead to the degradation of the oils. Additionally, some essential oils may interact with certain types of plastic and cause the plastic to break down, contaminating the oil.