Who owns Coach fragrances?

Coach, a renowned luxury fashion brand, has successfully expanded its product line to include fragrances that capture the essence of its sophisticated and modern aesthetic. To understand who owns Coach fragrances, however, we must delve into the brand’s history and its strategic partnerships within the fragrance industry.

Coach’s Fragrance Journey

Coach entered the fragrance market with its first fragrance launch in 2007, marking its foray into the world of olfactory experiences. Since then, Coach has continued to develop a diverse range of fragrances that resonate with its discerning customers. It’s important to note, however, that Coach does not directly own or operate its fragrance division.

Instead, Coach has chosen to partner with established fragrance companies that specialize in the creation, production and distribution of fragrances. This strategic approach allows Coach to leverage the expertise and resources of these industry leaders while maintaining control over the brand’s unique identity and aesthetic.

Partnership with Estée Lauder Companies

One of Coach’s most important partnerships in the fragrance industry is with the renowned beauty conglomerate, Estée Lauder Companies. Estée Lauder has a rich history of partnering with prestigious fashion brands to create and market their fragrances, and the Coach collaboration is no exception.

Through this partnership, Estée Lauder Companies holds the license to develop and distribute Coach fragrances worldwide. Leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience in the fragrance industry, Estée Lauder Companies ensures that Coach fragrances embody the brand’s values and resonate with its target audience.

Shared vision and expertise

The relationship between Coach and Estée Lauder Companies goes beyond a licensing agreement. Both companies share a commitment to quality, innovation, and creating products that evoke emotions and memories. This shared vision is the foundation for the success of Coach fragrances in the marketplace.

By combining Coach’s distinctive brand identity and design aesthetic with The Estée Lauder Companies’ expertise in fragrance development and marketing, the partnership has flourished. Together, they have introduced a series of captivating fragrances that capture the essence of Coach’s modern luxury.

Global reach and distribution

One of the key benefits of Coach’s partnership with Estée Lauder Companies is the global reach and extensive distribution network that the conglomerate provides. Estée Lauder Companies has a strong presence in several international markets, making Coach fragrances available to a wide range of consumers around the world.

Through a carefully orchestrated distribution strategy, including partnerships with luxury retailers, department stores and online platforms, Coach fragrances are readily available to fragrance enthusiasts and loyal brand followers in numerous countries.

The Future of Coach Fragrances

As Coach continues to expand its product offering and strengthen its presence in the fragrance market, its partnership with The Estée Lauder Companies continues to be instrumental to the brand’s success. With ongoing collaborations and the introduction of new scents, Coach fragrances will continue to captivate consumers with their distinctive blend of sophistication and contemporary charm.
By combining their respective strengths and expertise, Coach and Estée Lauder Companies will continue to create exceptional fragrances that embody the spirit of the Coach brand and captivate fragrance enthusiasts around the world.

In conclusion, while Coach does not directly own its fragrance division, the brand’s strategic partnership with Estée Lauder Companies has proven to be a winning formula. This collaboration brings together the creative vision of Coach and the industry-leading fragrance expertise of Estée Lauder Companies, resulting in a range of captivating fragrances that embody the essence of Coach’s modern luxury.


Who owns Coach fragrances?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Coach fragrances are owned by Inter Parfums, Inc., a company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of prestige perfumes and cosmetics.

When did Inter Parfums acquire Coach fragrances?

Inter Parfums acquired the license for Coach fragrances in 2015. They signed a long-term agreement with Coach, Inc. (now known as Tapestry, Inc.) to develop and distribute fragrances under the Coach brand.

Are Coach fragrances exclusively produced by Inter Parfums?

Yes, Inter Parfums holds the exclusive license to produce and distribute fragrances under the Coach brand. They work closely with Coach/Tapestry to create and market the fragrances in accordance with the brand’s image and values.

What other brands does Inter Parfums own?

Inter Parfums owns and operates several other fragrance brands in addition to Coach. Some of their notable brands include Montblanc, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld, Boucheron, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

Where are Coach fragrances sold?

Coach fragrances are sold globally through various channels. They can be found in Coach retail stores, department stores, specialty fragrance retailers, and select online platforms. The availability may vary depending on the region and distribution agreements.