The Rose Is Eternal

"Live the awakening dream carried by a crisp trail of bergamot, mandarin and the extract of roasted barley driven by a palette of sensual woods. The vetiver of Haiti and the tonka bean combined in an irresistible blitz to tenderly mate with the skin. To reveal the best of oneself with clairvoyance - realized into... Continue Reading →

Six Scents Sample Set x 3

Limited Re-Releases / New Concentrations: “Six Scents celebrates the unfiltered creativity of the fashion industry's most visionary designers through limited-edition collaborations with master perfumers…” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseSix ScentsOriginUSAFragranceAscent, #087, Urban Tropicalia Year2008-2020NoseChristophe Raynaud, Stephen Nilsen, Joachim CorrellConcentrationEDP + EDTGenderUSeasonvariesSize/Cost30ml, $53-$63Source/LinkSix ScentsSoundtrackMutton Chops by Rhymos, 2014Rating90%

EP 71: Ready, Set, Groom

FRESHLY SHORN: When I went in to review these, live, there was nothing especially connecting these two except a masculine sense of good grooming. That seemed enough. Though I realized these were more disparate than I imagined, not 100% night + day, more a few degrees of separation. One is a bit more complex, one... Continue Reading →

EP 7: Rounding Up 5, 6, 7….

Eight & Bob (since 1937) "is a luxury fragrance house whose exclusive scents have been passed down for generations dating back to the 20th century." As they say. In this episode I opened up the Discovery Set, spraying from six 2ml vials, each with its own defined personality. One was my favorite for true uniqueness,... Continue Reading →

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