Let The Sun Shine In

“Perfumer Shawn Maher, a finalist for the 2020 Art + Olfaction Awards, made his name through Chatillon Lux. However, a desire create without restrictions on budget or materials led to Maher Olfactive. This is olfactory art for art's sake.  A juxtaposition, reframing classic materials in a way that presents them with a new sense of wonder in cruelty-free... Continue Reading →

Warm Airbrushed Tobacco

DE-SMOKE: “Mysterious, suave, deep, carnal … simply irresistible. Natural Tonka Bean and benzoin enhance the soft, balmy and addictive facets of Vanilla. A blend of natural Cinnamon bark and sensual leathery tones of natural Osmanthus reveal rich facets of blond Tobacco and dried fruits. An innovative fraction of natural Cedarwood and Patchouli brings a creamy... Continue Reading →

EP 94: Uprooted, Uplifting

JUST LIKE HONEY: This has had it's time to warm nicely, and the more it blends with my cellular structure, the more supple a honey essence becomes and rises. This fact was not instantly apparent at the top, or even at the heart, but now with my skin's warmth it's arrived after post-production when I... Continue Reading →

EP 32: Glowing Grandeur

This one has a Southernly pulse. In my intro to the house of Blocki, this is Kościuszko. It's not what it initially appears as, in an entrance that opens slowly. This plays with that essence a bit, in a wink to time itself. What makes this put a twist on the traditional 'Oriental woody' fragrance?... Continue Reading →

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