Urban Scents Trio

"Perfumer Marie Urban Le Febvre and Alexander Urban, both experts in the field of fragrance creation, made their dream come true and founded Urban Scents in Berlin in 2014. When Marie and Alexander met for the first time, it was not only love at first sight, it was also the spontaneous familiarity of two people... Continue Reading →

A Surge of Enchantment

“Rausch means rush in German, and boy, they weren’t kidding - this is one powerful rush to the head that you won’t forget in a hurry. One spritz of this stunning fragrance and you are ready for a night of Berlin-style debauchery that even Baudelaire would be proud of." Click Play, to hear my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Ready, Aim, Inspire

THIS ONE IS PACKING HEAT: “More than a message in a bottle, this is pure firepower fascination. Built for those who know when to pull the trigger. Inspired by ancient Chinese alchemists seeking an elixir to live forever; the gunpowder they created has actually changed the way we live forever. Scent family: dysfunctional misfit. Or... Continue Reading →

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