EP 68: Magnifique Mysterio

A fragrance that took me by surprise. It's nice to go in with no expectations whatsoever, and to come out the other end knowing that you may have just found a regular pleaser. This one is about its elixir of spicy orientation. Have you tried Baume du Doge from the house of Eau D’Italie? If... Continue Reading →

EP 64: Aquatic Tic-Tac-Toe

This vegan-friendly potion is one that just may stop you in your wake (pun intended). Questionable Motives from the house of Mirus is a double-take, for sure. Imagine communing with manatees right off your favorite coastal spot, just outside of where the sea meets land. AveParfum says: "It’s a fragrance of contrasts that showcases both... Continue Reading →

EP 25: Sweet Cafe

Hold on to your other senses, this one rolls out with an appetite. L’Artisan Parfumeur's Noir Exquis is a gourmand through and through, and not your average 'Oriental'. This had me sitting, pondering in one of my favorite spots (pre and post pandemic, of course). Instead of single origin, this one travels across the world... Continue Reading →

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