Enigmatic Longing

"Saffron is holy to all Hindus; it is the color of Buddhist robes and has become a symbol for India. It has always been a part of Byredo's founder's Indian upbringing both in smell, taste, and color. Black Saffron is a fragrance inspired by this very idea of sublime unity." HouseByredoOriginSweden/FranceFragranceBlack SaffronYear2012NoseJerome EpinetteConcentrationEDPSeasonBecoming Invisible Upon... Continue Reading →

I Need You By Me, To Hold Me, To Scold Me

“The Jazz Soul — Vibrant spotlights, smoky rooms, the brassy notes of a saxophone: an evocative cocktail brings alive the energetic soul of a musical genre that broke boundaries and hearts. Leather and rose take center stage with bass notes of agarwood, vetiver and saffron.” Fragrance: Smoke ShowOrigin: France/USAHouse: Vilhelm ParfumerieNose: Jerome EpinetteConcentration: EDPSeason: For... Continue Reading →

Cologne: Two Ways

LOOK AGAIN: On Bortnikoff: “When you have access to raw materials as exceptionally high quality as those used in Bortnikoff scents, the word "cologne" should never be mistaken to mean a fragrance is light or fleeting. Instead, it's an invitation to discover the tremendous amount of depth that the traditionally fresh style can contain- something... Continue Reading →

Vermillion Effervescence

ROSE GOLD: “Be among the very first to experience our latest creation, Rose Ink. Crafted in collaboration with perfumer, Jerome Epinette, this New York scent story is a remarkable, woodsy floral that blends the memory of deep devotion and deviant desire. A sultry, lusty, unisex 2.0 scent made for memorable men and women.” Click Play,... Continue Reading →

Régime des Fleurs Pour Tous Set

BOUNTIFUL BOUQUET + THEN SOME: “Pour Tous by Régime des Fleurs: Perfumes for everyone. Drawn from the sublime drama of the botanical world....known for its unique take on luxury fragrance. High-concept perfume collections in vivid packaging draw inspiration from nature, history, and art.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseRégime des FleursOriginUSAFragranceWillows,... Continue Reading →

The Portfolio by Commodity

BLACK + WHITE + PLATINUM ALL OVER: This Portfolio collection comes from the house of Commodity a range of fragrances (2013-2018). “The Portfolio catalogs fifteen of Commodity's unisex fragrances from our Platinum, Black and White collections. Each scent is expertly crafted to be worn stand alone or can be layered for a fully customizable experience.” Of... Continue Reading →

EP 5: Symantic Can Be Romantic

When you consider who the most modern poets of Berlin might be, perhaps the name David Bowie may arise. And this is part of the premise of this fragrance launched in 2018, the other, well you'll have to listen to this latest installment to find out more. I will say this has a very outgoing-style... Continue Reading →

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