Serge Lutens³

"Call it the primal scream of perfumery. Coumarin was the very first molecule that allowed perfumers to cut loose from the past and venture into modern abstraction. First used in the groundbreaking 1882 Fougère Royale, this synthetic marvel ignited a new era of artistic expression. Named after kumarù, the word for the tonka bean tree... Continue Reading →

EP 50: Earthly Notes 101

This episode does not include a separate audio segment as I simply wanted to run down some of the ongoing 'language' of perfumery. This time I am focusing on natural and some synthetic notes used in making fragrances. When I talk about 'ingredients' or 'recipe' this is what I am talking about, the individual herbs,... Continue Reading →

Olfactory Terms: 101

Image: Wikipedia So, every once in a while I'm going to post a bit of '101' to get your appetite whet when it comes to all things olfactory. Mind you, we still do not have the technology that would best provide Smell-O-Vision, yet who knows what the future holds in store for us!? That said,... Continue Reading →

EP 20: Eastern Smoke

If you are going to get lost amid the ecstatic, this may be the perfect elixir for noses in (and out of) the know. Targa is a revelation and Blackbird out of the Pacific Northwest is testifying loud and clear - well, actually soft, dark and smokily (I can make up words!). As far as... Continue Reading →

EP 14: The Nu Orange

Irida / Cyclades 38°3’N hit the spot, and took me somewhere. Just where? You will have to offer your ears to find out. This citrus-leaning fragrance is one-of-a-kind and just may be a distant relation to a famous, much older brother. Hey, I'm someone's older brother. Is that just a coincidence? This is most definitely... Continue Reading →

EP 13: Garden of Delight

A floral arrangement by spotlight. Inspired by notable actress Tilda Swinton, Like This from Etat Libre d'Orange is my first foray into this expanding house of fine sprayable essences. Where will the petals fall on this one? It's not quite what you may think from all appearances, and is that a good thing? Just click... Continue Reading →

EP 12: Fallen Needles Amid Fog

Cape Heartache from Imaginary Authors goes deep into the wilderness as Autumn rises and vegetation is just slowly starting to recede. And though they blend various barks and such, there is a certain red fruit at its pulse point. It's on the small side and usually quite juicy, can you guess, imagine? This is a... Continue Reading →

EP 1: Perfuming The Past

Welcome to Notetaking - an audiozine about the olfactory world. After several decades, this is a re-introduction to an ever-growing fragrance universe (niche, natural, designer). In this very 1st edition of the 'zine I hope to have layed out what will become a parfumed journey inside this world of chemoreception. My origins with fragrances dates... Continue Reading →

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