Mixing Colors

“He speaks to us, reveals to us, completes us. The role of perfume is to transcend what comes to us from the animal, to know how to find one's way through the smell, to leave a trace of us. Unconsciously, when we perfume ourselves, we wish to leave a trail, such as the signature of... Continue Reading →

Spring Breeze

“Berdoues' perfumers put time on hold with this fragrant interpretation of the Chinese legend. The tale of PÉNG LÁI, tells of the mythic island where the goddess of flowers, He Xiangu, sojourned. It captures the delicacy of China's most precious flower, osmanthus, in a glass bottle.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one. HouseBerdouesOriginFranceFragrancePéng... Continue Reading →

Transitional Tonic

“An ultra-luxe unisex Orris Oud fragrances. Oud is the base of all of Levent perfume creations. Oud is harvested from Agarwood of the Aquilaira tree, found primarily in Southeast Asia. Agarwood is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world. In the Middle East and Asia, it has been used for centuries. Our... Continue Reading →


OH, OUD: “A fresh spicy masculine Vetiver Oud fragrance….After 7+ years of extensive research and collaboration with Attar artisans Levent® proudly introduces a collection of ultra-luxe Oud fragrances. These oud fragrances are 100% perfume oils in their most purest and highest concentration. This gives these fragrances an incomparable depth and longevity on skin.” Click Play,... Continue Reading →

The Monsillage EDT Collection

“Similar to a movie scenario that sets the tone by recreating a particular atmosphere and giving insight into the characters’ personas, the real-life stories behind each of the Monsillage perfumes are a way to create a bond with the perfumes and enhance the perfume experience. The perfumer finds inspiration in past travels, one-of-a-kind experiences, personal... Continue Reading →

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