EP 42: Sublime Spices

This is a walk through one of those incredible spice markets, inspired by travels in India by its very creative noses, Messieurs Miller et Bertaux. This fragrance is A Quiet Morning. It's not too quiet, but it is quieting, as it slow reveals itself, its various spices, its complex gourmand essences, blended with just the... Continue Reading →

EP 41: Soft Smoke

From Hiram Green this is the award winning Hyde. A vanilla/leather combo that makes a nice first impression. At the center of this fragrance is a tiny yellow flower that grows within a thorny bush/tree, talk about blood, sweat and tears going into the making of such an uncharacteristic formula. This will make you want... Continue Reading →

EP 38: The Past Lingers On

Thank heavens for Mr. Tom Ford, right? I've been waiting nearly fifteen or so years to get my nose on this again. Honestly, I'm unsure if my sample has lost or gained it's classic signature over time, I don't even know when the sample was manufactured, but I know what I know. And what I... Continue Reading →

EP 4: Unmasked

Noir - Anthracite comes from the house of Texas-born Tom Ford (worldwide). This is my first go at any fragrance from this particular designer brand, but likely one of his most elusive and 'particular' scents. As someone only catching up in the now I unfortunately missed his very lauded work with Gucci way back when... Continue Reading →

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