UFO Parfums Trio

UFO Parfums is a fine fragrance brand inspired by rave culture, using luxury materials. UFO Parfums does not recognize gender constructs in perfumery and believes deeply in social justice. All UFO Parfums fragrances, candles, and products are handmade with care in Los Angeles. HOUSE: UFO Parfums ORIGIN: USAFRAGRANCES: Hentai, Literal Volcano, LiquidNOSE: Maxwell WilliamsDATE: 2019-2020SIZE/COST: 50ml /... Continue Reading →

Coffee, Tea or Ch’i

“Based on a documented transoceanic voyage in 1618 uniting East and West. NANBAN is a woody and smoky oriental fragrance evoking the dark hull of a galleon full of exotic cargo. Following a diplomatic mission to the West, a galleon carrying a delegation of samurai charges through dark ocean currents. Loaded with a rare and precious cargo, the ship’s hull is... Continue Reading →

In The Clouds

With special thanks to Luckyscent who says: “…with an array of florals and resins designed both to evoke the natural Himalayas habitat that such a deer might find himself in, while also drawing out the aphrodisiac elements of deer musk that have brought the material such breathless renown.” Click Play, to hear my thoughts on... Continue Reading →

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