Little Trees Air Freshner They’ve been around for 60 years for a reason. They’re light, inexpensive, easy to hang, available in over 60 fragrances, and they give off a subtle but effective scent. Surprisingly, Little Trees last quite a while if used correctly.

How long do little tree air fresheners work?

With 2 weeks of steady fragrance per Vent Wrap, a 4-pack delivers up to 60 days of fragrance.

Can you use Little Trees in the house?

Quote from video: Even in the back of your vehicle. Or bring the tree house inside and your favorite tree can fragrance your home. Fun and reusable the new tree house for little trees air fresheners.

How do Little Trees work in a car?

Quote from video: The back you'll find a handy time line just cut along the lines like this and pull it out to the first marker pull it out a little further each week following the time line. Simple.

What was the original little tree scent?

While the first fragrances were Royal Pine, Spice, and Bouquet, the range expanded to include Caribbean Colada, Vanillaroma, New Car Scent, and, of course, Black Ice. The Tree air fresheners are made in factories in Watertown, NY and DeWitt, IA.

How often should you change Little Trees?

Your tree can last up to 7 weeks if you follow these steps: Open top of bag along dotted lines. Pull bag of down to expose top of tree. Each week, expose more or less of tree to adjust fragrance strength.

What does Little Trees black ice air freshener smell like?

Black Ice is an adventurous, masculine fragrance – a fusion of sandalwood, bergamot and lemon with an air of mystery. We dare you. Like all our fragrances, it’s high-quality, strong and long-lasting. At home or on the road, let Little Trees freshen your life.

Why do people use little trees?

Little Trees are disposable air fresheners shaped like a stylized evergreen tree, marketed for use in motor vehicles, and most commonly seen hanging from rear-view mirrors. They are made of a specially formulated absorbent material produced in a variety of colors and scents.

What does Black Ice smell like?

Black Ice. They say: “A masculine fragrance with a fusion of sandalwood, bergamot and lemon with an air of mystery.”

How do you use tree air freshener in car?

I Smell-Tested all 42 Little Tree Air Freshener scents

How long does air freshener stay in the air?

About 3-6 hours depending how much you spray and how big the area you sprayed is.

How long does Little Trees spray last?

The slim design slips onto the vent blade, allowing air to flow freely while delivering a consistent, pleasant scent. With 2 weeks of steady fragrance per Vent Wrap, a 4 pack delivers up to 60 days of fragrance. Available in 6 fragrances.

How long does tree car freshener last?

Prices supposed to be the same for all flavors. Cons: 1 tree lasts for only 2-3 days max, the price could be better. Advice: Will use it on special occasions not affordable for everyday use.

How long does small spaces air freshener last?

up to 45 days

Details. Stuck between a stink and a tight space? No worries! Febreze Small Spaces air fresheners are now longer lasting and prevent odors from lingering for up to 45 days.

What happens if you use too much air freshener?

Depending on your exposure and sensitivity, toxic VOCs can produce a range of health effects, including eye, nose, and throat irritation, nausea and headaches, and even damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system, says the EPA, which offers a complete list of symptoms.

Can police stop you for air freshener?

The air fresheners that dangle from rearview mirrors have been a ubiquitous accessory in cars for decades. But they may be treated as illegal in a majority of states, which have laws prohibiting objects near the windshield that can obstruct motorists’ views.