Lumberman Nose Perfumes is a fragrance for men and women, it belongs to the group of oriental woody.
Lumberman was released in 2018.

Perfumer: Timur Solodov.

Top notes: Hemp, Absinthe, Thyme and Elemi; middle notes: Frankincense, Cambodian oud, Mimosa, Black pepper and Black tea; base notes: Leather, Castoreum, Sandal, Tobacco and Vetiver.

A dry, herbal, woody fragrance that opens with a slightly peaty note of guaiac wood and smoothly transitions into a rich and long-playing “lumberjack” heart. The fragrance announces itself with sparkling natural top notes – absinthe from France, cannabis flowers from the UK and tart black tea from China. Bold muscularity and earthiness of the complex base are created by the combination of vetiver from three countries, acacia resin Katehu and cedar from India, frankincense from Oman and Somalia, Canadian castoreum, tobacco absolute from Bulgaria, oud and leather notes. And the warm sandalwood oil and vanilla tincture from Madagascar and Tahiti as well as the spicy warmth of cardamom, black pepper, ginger and cloves add softness to these brutal combinations.