For several years, the perfume burner has been an excellent way to perfume your home. This method allows you to dissipate different scents throughout the house. To create a welcoming and perfumed atmosphere, the perfume burner is the appropriate device. Easy to use, it allows to light a candle while diffusing the scent that you prefer. But how to use it well?

What is a scent burner?

Device in the form of a stove or a vase, the perfume burner is often on tripod. Inside it, an aromatic substance is burned, such as a plant extract or incense. A decorative, aesthetic, mythical and even spiritual object in certain circumstances, the presence of a perfume burner in a room is a symbol of peace, purification, harmony and appeasement. It is quite simple to install and use a perfume burner. There are two ways to do this: the melting method and the candle method. When you want to use the fragrance burner with a fondant, you simply place a pebble or a tart in which you place your aromatic substances.

What is the use of a perfume burner?

The perfume burner generally plays the role of a pilot light, whose principle rests on the presence of a heat source. The heat source can be a candle, a wax melt or an electric bulb. Once lit, it burns the fragrance and the scents are diffused throughout the room. The candle scent burner creates an exceptional atmosphere, as its decorative aspect and texture play on the candle’s flame. The lamp-based fragrance burner is aesthetically pleasing and offers a variety of lighting intensities. On its top, there is a small receptacle or tray, which holds the drops of perfume mixed with water.

How to use a perfume burner ?

To use your perfume burner, you can do it with simple melts or wax melts. With wax melters, you simply add an unscented tealight to your scent burner. Then, insert the wax melter of your choice into the top of the burner. To change the fragrance, simply remove the wax melt from the top of the burner and replace it with a new one. On the upper part, curved, you must place your aromatic concentrates. But you must not put too much, so as not to waste your products. We light then a tealight candle and then we place it in a perfume burner. One will deposit the pastille of wax scented at the bottom of receptacle envisaged for this purpose. The scented waxes are reusable and the operation can be repeated as many times as possible and until the waxes lose their aroma. To prevent the perfumes from overheating and denaturing, do not put them under a strong flame. You can also pour perfumed essential oils instead of flux in the cup of the perfume burner. One will add hot water to it. Then it will be necessary to adjust the number of drops according to the desired dosage. It is also possible to make your own perfume burner. Once lit, the flux will liquefy in a few minutes and the whole room will be immediately perfumed.

Precautions of use of the perfume burner

The perfume burner can be designed with different materials, such as sober or sleek linens. It can be well worked in ceramic, earth, metal, stone or porcelain. Before using a perfume burner, it is important to take a number of precautions. The top of the diffuser heats up quickly, it is advisable to let it cool down before touching it. The use of the perfume burner is not too recommended when you have a baby at home. Also it should not be installed in the children’s room. Once lit, the perfume burner should not be placed on a waxed, varnished or fragile object.