Do you use Downy Unstopables with detergent?

Do I Need to Use Detergent with Downy Unstopables Scent Beads? Yes. Use beads WITH laundry detergent. Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster beads are for adding long-lasting freshness to your clothes and fabrics, not for cleaning.

Do you put Downy Unstopables in the washer or dryer?

It’s as easy to use as it is to love—and it’s safe for all colors, fabrics, and loads! Simply shake a little (or a lot) into the cap. Then toss the beads into the washer at the beginning of the load, before you start the wash and before you drop in your clothes.

How do you use Downy Unstopables to make your house smell good?

You can keep your favorite Unstopables scents filling the whole house even if you haven’t done a load of laundry in weeks by simply tucking away a small sachet of Unstopables beads into your linen closet or dresser drawers. Or, if you want luxurious fresh scents to-go, you can even put a sachet in your car.

Can you use Downy Unstopables with fabric softener?

Unstopables can be used alone or in combination with Downy liquid softener or dryer sheets and the “Fresh” and “Lush” scents compliment the current fragrances of P&G’s detergents and Downy softeners. The towels we washed with Unstopables smelled fresh even after being tucked in a linen closet for several weeks.

How do you use Unstopables in laundry?

Quote from video: How do you use downy UNSTOPABLES add detergent. And fabric softener as usual.

Can you put Downy Unstopables on top of clothes?

Quote from video: And what you can do is you can use the top to fill as much as little as you want sort of just go in and sprinkle it on top although last week i was told to stop to put this on the base.

How long does the smell of Downy Unstopables last?

Just add a capful of beads to your washer drum, and let the beads go to work bringing Tide’s fresh scent to your laundry. You can enjoy up to 12 weeks* of the pleasant scent of Tide on all your clothes, sheets, towels and other favorites. *From wash until wear.

How do I make my house smell like a rich person’s house?

If you’re looking to pick out your own fragrances, here are some luxurious scents you should explore:

  1. Citrus. If you want a lighter, energizing scent that still smells fancy, look no further than citrus. …
  2. Spices. …
  3. Wood. …
  4. Candles. …
  5. Diffusers. …
  6. Soap and Lotion.

Are Downy Unstopables worth it?

Quote from video:

Do you use laundry soap with scent boosters?

Yes you can use this along with your detergent. It just makes your laundry smell really great for a longer period of time when using it with your detergent but does not replace your detergent. I use it along with my detergent every load.

Can scent boosters replace detergent?

Do You Use Laundry Beads with Detergent? Yes, laundry beads must be used with detergent as they don’t actually clean clothes themselves. Laundry beads should not be used as a laundry detergent replacement. Think of them as more of an add-on which boosts the smell of your clothes and helps them smell better for longer.

Can you use Downy Unstopables with Tide?

Use Downy Unstopable beads along with your Tide laundry detergent and fabric softener for long-lasting freshness. Add to each load of laundry for fresh, delightful-smelling clothes, sheets, and towels.

How do you use Unstopables in the wash scent booster?

Quote from video: Add your detergent. Then place your laundry over the beads.

Are Downy Unstopables worth it?

So, on I went to give the “Unstopables” a try. Wow, is all I can say! Not only do these make your towels, sheets, and whatever else you choose to use them with smell amazing, but the scent lasts such a long time. The linen closet in the bathroom has never smelled fresher, and the laundry room as well!

Can Unstopables stain your clothes?

Here are reader experiences sharing how Downy Unstopables stained clothing and other washables, as well as suggestions for removing these spots.