Let’s Get Orbital

"Under a silvery Moon, amongst night fragrant blooms of sweet honeysuckle & Jasmine, you lay on a bed of cool dewy soft grass beneath a bitter orange tree , with its’ intoxicating orange blossoms, twigs & leaves. Deeply inhaling the herbal blend of clary sage, marjoram, lavender & magical mugwort, you drift asleep into a... Continue Reading →

Boundless Emergence

"Yann Vasnier has a history of creating outstanding men's scents for Divine, and L'homme infini, his latest creation for the line, does not disappoint. Resolutely masculine and warmly reassuring, this has the confident ease of a man who has all the time in the world, surveying the vast horizon to see the next adventure ahead.... Continue Reading →

This Rose Purrs

“I intended to create an alluring and seductive fragrance to fully represent the subject matter. A scent that beguiles and entices and just as you feel you have the fragrance figured out, it proceeds to change over and over again…..Using predominantly naturals, I intended to enable the fragrance to dance and become ever-changing to symbolise... Continue Reading →

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