Let The Sun Shine In

Perfumer Shawn Maher, a finalist for the 2020 Art + Olfaction Awards, made his name through Chatillon Lux. However, a desire create without restrictions on budget or materials led to Maher Olfactive. This is olfactory art for art’s sake.  A juxtaposition, reframing classic materials in a way that presents them with a new sense of wonder in cruelty-free perfume art.”

HOUSE: Maher Olfactive / Chatillon Lux
FRAGRANCES: Sun Soaked / Sunrise on LaSalle
SIZE/COST: Check Sites
NOSE: Shawn Maher

Sun Soaked: Maher’s work always stirs up some memories for me. This balances citrus and florals that come offline hay and honey ensconced in light. There’s an enriched humidity to this. Its aroma conjures the hazy yesteryear, but soothes with the heartwarming breadth of chamomile. It can go light or heavy depending on your frame of reference, for me, I certainly get that morning wake-up call from a nearby rooster, out proudly amid a slightly overgrown herb garden, that earthy sweet aroma of alfalfa bathed in an amber sun beam. This is at its and your leisure. It’s all so complex and yet smile worthy. Yes, wait for it, the heart here is intoxicating in the best way, the sunrise ignites the corners of the mind in what comes off as such an effortless perfume. The longer you wear it the richer it becomes on your skin, melding with your pheromones, get ready for its sensual transformation over time. (EDP)

Notes: neroli, narcissus, orange bigarade, black currant bud, chamomile, Texas cedar, amber
Rating: 86%

Sunrise on LaSalle: Wake up! What a naked jewel. A burst of freshness at the top, this leads with jasmine and pear, with the dark green earthy essence of a note that haunts me in the best way, geranium. The hums and oddly reminds me of the Talking Heads song Sugar on My Tongue. This is all about its sweet pastel hue that radiates and pulsates. Dried, or fresh cut stems, this fragrance plays with delicate petals in dappled light. I want to call this gentle, but it’s not, that would be too trite and easy, it’s intensely expansive with a pitch so varied, instantly gratifying. Read these leaves…in the mid this starts to chart its territory like a complex high tea ceremony, Asian influences rise up. The woody hues are delightfully faded in the bottom end, almost transparent. This is a fragrance that one wears for themselves however it will be a people pleaser, and will turn the average head in your direction.

Notes: pear, geranium, jasmine tea, Virginia cedar
Rating: 89%

Recommended Soundtrack:
Cindy Wilson, Sunrise (2017)

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