Night & Day

DOUBLE FUN: Two Dimensions, Two Very Different Stories To Tell…

Misfit — “Billy was just fourteen from Greenville Georgia, a small bible belt town of 20.000 people, very conservative, churches on every other dirt road, he was fresh out of Junior High, and had no clue Roosevelt High would eventually become the bane of his existence….He began to withdraw into his own world, with darkness slowly creeping up behind him, through his desperation for attention, he started to get into fights with the kids that bullied him, he finally stood up for himself, he was permanently banned from Roosevelt High and his family threw him out in the cruel world with the clothes on his back, never to return. he would eventually turn to drugs to ease the torment and pain.”

Xanadu — “Deep in the jungle on the outskirts of civilization, a man is lost, confused, and scared. He’s been wandering for hours, if not days at this point, and he’s long past panicking. Somehow, he got separated from his tourist group on the edge of the forest, and he stupidly wandered further and further in, completely away from anything he can recognize.” Sure, I may have gone a lil’ far with pop culture references rather than the Mongolian Summer vacation paradise of ye olde Kublai Khan, only further indicating the power of perfume to take us on our own personal journey, then – now + later!

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

FragranceMisfit + Xanadu
Year2020 + 2018
NoseAndrea Fender
Season/MoodTwo Very Different Fables
Size/Cost1oz / $45 (other sizes available)
SoundtrackFinite Bees by Coil + Sugar In The Dark by Ahnnu (2015)
Rating84% + 82%

Pardon Us (We Just Had To….)

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