A Cure-All Cordial

SHAKEN + STIRRED: “I crafted SGO Batch #501 with notes of warm Sandalwood with Cardamom, Cypress and Juniper Berries to age in the Gin seasoned charred oak barrel which added a darker nuance and new dimension of spicy tones to the final fragrance.  This fragrance has a sensually lingering sillage.” I’ll drink to that!

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseOK Fine Fragrances
FragranceSGO (Batch #501)
Santal Aged in A Gin Seasoned Oak Barrel
NoseSteven Demercado
Concentrationn/a (15% perfume)
SeasonHappy Hour
AtmosphereMid-Century Modern
Size/Cost30ml / $95 (currently out of stock)
TRY: Perfumology
Source/LinkOK Fine Fragrances
SoundtrackSpaghetti, Irish Coffee and Martini by Vialan, 2019

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