Green Thumb Manifest

BACK TO MY ROOTS: “A chorus of chlorophyll sings the songs of a new waking world. Sharp green shoots push from muddy soil. The earth stirs as it shakes off many months of rest. Tendrils reaching and stems stretch, exuberant and promising. In the final act before the toil of summers’ heat, blossoms explode, reminding us what life is….”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseLibertine Fragrance
NoseJoshua Smith
AtmosphereUprooting The Lushest Leaves
Season/MoodSpringtime Fresh (and Summer)
Size/Cost30ml / $120 (sold out – only 30 bottles made)
SourceLibertine Fragrance
SoundtrackChlorophyll by Alecsi, 2018

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