New Blacks: Sugar + Spice

Introvert / Extrovert: “When it comes to Black Pepper they say: “Crisp and energizing, juicy citrus combines with a fresh marine accord, woods and pepper seeds….Once considered a luxury, black pepper was something only the upper class could enjoy. Because of this, it was a sacred offering to the Gods centuries ago.” And then there’s... Continue Reading →

Sunny, Steely, Soapy

IT GLISTENS, IT GLEAMS!: “Austere and elegant. This fragrance is a journey through time and Sergio’s memories, like his encounter with the effortlessly beautiful and talented Ingrid Bergman and iconic film director Roberto Rossellini and the excited turmoil that their factory visit would cause. The initial fresh and inviting notes of Verbena and Brazilian Oranges... Continue Reading →

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