A Perky Brew

I’M COMING OUT: “This limited edition perfume is one half of a dual release of vetiver perfumes. These perfumes are more experimental than I have released with the Libertine line, exploring my materials library without burdening the creative process with concerns budget and style. Both perfumes in this collection use a considerable quantity of high end natural ingredients….”

*** Correction: The samples are sold out but the full sized bottles will be released March 1.

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseLibertine Fragrance
NoseJoshua Smith
AtmosphereA Secret Cafe
Size/Cost30ml / $120 (available March 1st!)
SourceLibertine Fragrance
SoundtrackBurrowed Vows by Shuttle358, 2015

2 thoughts on “A Perky Brew

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  1. I am obsessed with this new hit from the house of Libertine Fragrance! Even though there is no tobacco in this perfume it reminds me of the first cigar I ever smelled. It’s absolutely beautiful and my new signature scent. I can’t stop wearing it and smelling myself. Also, a brilliant aspect to mention- rarely have I ever smelled date accord done right in a formulation and it is mastered here! Bravo, Libertine!


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