Blessing Silence: “A fragrance inspired by the night that casts a veil of peace and quiet on the desert as it falls. In this intermezzo of relaxation and cool relief, you don the best perfume and the immensity of the heavens, while the only sound that breaks the silence is the crackle of a fire.” Empathy: “…pays tribute to the nobilty of soul of those of us who, in friendship as in love, give ourselves without reservation in a world dominated by the emptiness of words and increasingly devoid of real presence.” What about Pop: “…recounts the attractive and sensual dynamics of complicity, of experiencing emotions, of dedicating ourselves to irreplaceable moments. A deliciously tempting and soft fragrance which warms the soul, as we savour those essential days filled with nothing other than the playful time of a break, stolen from the frenzy of everyday life.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseThe House of Oud
FragranceBlessing Silence / Empathy / What About Pop
NosesAndrea Casotti (BS + E), Cristian Calabro (WAP)
Year2016 / 2017 / 2019
Season/MoodSeasons Change, People Change
Size/Cost75ml / $228 (7ml size also available)
AtmosphereA Spa-like Fragrance
Source/LinkThe House of Oud (THOO)
SoundtrackOdora by Maps And Diagrams, 2019
Rating94% / 85% / 91%

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