Serge Lutens³

Call it the primal scream of perfumery. Coumarin was the very first molecule that allowed perfumers to cut loose from the past and venture into modern abstraction. First used in the groundbreaking 1882 Fougère Royale, this synthetic marvel ignited a new era of artistic expression. Named after kumarù, the word for the tonka bean tree in Tupi, an Amazonian language, coumarin is not only the primal source of modern perfumery, it is still a primary material in the fragrance industry“.

HouseSerge Lutens
NoseChristopher Sheldrake
FragranceMuscs Koublai Khan / L’Innommable / La Couche du Diable
Release Date1998 / 2018 / 2019
Rating80% / 84% / 96%
SourceSerge Lutens
SoundtrackPerfume Catalogue by Heathered Pearls, 2015

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