REAL RUBY RED ROSE: “With Rrose Sélavy, Maria Candida interprets the “double” of Marcel Duchamp, and his jeux des mots Rrose Sélavy which sounds in French like “eros, c’est la vie”, or “arroser la vie”, to make a toast to life. Maria Candida pays tribute to Duchamp, making a toast to life with her velvet, soft, fresh, just harvested scent, with its olfactory vibration and which fills the air and the space, tridimensional just like his art crafts.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseMaria Candida Gentile
FragranceRrose Sélavy
NoseMaria Candida Gentile
Size/Cost15ml/$42, 100ml/$200
SourceMaria Candida Gentile
SoundtrackUndergrowth by Rrose, 2015

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