The Spirits of Lime

The inspiration for this fragrance was taken from the beautiful landscapes of the region such as the terracotta and bluish green fields where the blue agave is grown, the diverse flora of the region’s microclimates and the beautiful turquoise blue beaches of Puerto Vallarta where the rainforest and the sea meet, the fizzing sound of the waves as they sink into the sand and salty bodies warmed by the coastal summer sun. It’s a fresh summer citrus oriented composition, focusing on the juicy sour green limes grown in Jalisco, Mexico. The citrus notes were complemented with hints of fruit inspired by exotic local fruits. Also when I think about Mexico and Jalisco it’s very hard for me not to think about tequila and agave so I thought that notes of blue agave products should be a must for this composition. The blend is also flavored with hints of savory spicesScent Trunk is an innovative concept and would make an incredible gift for a loved one, or yourself!

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseScent Trunk
FragranceOriginal Edition / June 2020 / Lime / Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
NoseJuan M. Pérez
SeasonEnd of Spring/Summer/Early Fall
SourceScent Trunk
SoundtrackLime (Face) by G-Man, 2002

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