Enigmatic Coastal Bouquet

AN ORNAMENTAL SEASCAPE: “In a time when giants rule the Earth, an untouched mist of towering flora thrives. A sea song of scent arises in the distance. A volcanic brine of ambergris and seaweed; the aroma of times past. Veins of salt strata bloom against the sun that ripples in the primordial ocean slosh; silty, mineral rich. Oversized ancient fruits hang heavy and pendulous against a clear blue sky. Their branches flex and bow against the growing weight. Over this turbulent landscape, immense rubbery petals open like a mudra palm; alabaster, pearlescent and bloodless. Sapid exudations of primeval magnolia percolate, absinthal and citrusy. The crisp bitterness of the colossal flowers penetrate the flesh of neighboring mangoes. Their fruitless blossoms are burdened by the aching froth of their own nectar. The scent of eucalyptus soars to majestic heights. A rhythmic sultry heat forces open virgin jasmine, their petals spreading to give birth to sensuality and new life. Moss bakes against barren cliff sides, grounding the past firmly in the present.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

FragranceJurassic Flower
SoundtrackMagnolia III by Stijn Hüwels, 2020

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