Floral Leather Recline

A ROOM INSIDE A ROOM: “In the seemingly endless expanse of the Siberian birch forests, the majesty and power of nature can leave one with a humbling and awe-inspiring new perspective on where they fit into the hierarchy of the natural world. This breathtaking natural beauty is the inspiration for Patricia and Axel de Nicolai’s newest leather scent, a robust yet velvet-soft offering that eschews the garishness of brutal, flashy leathers for the smoothness of freshly-tanned suede, placed expertly in the midst of the crisp and invigorating scents of a wild Siberian birch forest.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseParfums de Nicolai
FragranceBaikal Leather Intense
NosePatricia de Nicolai
SeasonMay Vary Greatly Depending on Mood
SoundtrackIn Marsupial Leather by Candlesnuffer, 2020

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