A Smoky Twist + A Buttered Breeze

A TWOFER: “Stimulate Elevate Encourage Intentional Action! This is my mantra. I want to ignite this in you and me. Let me be your #inspiration2elevation The question is…Are you better after having left our presence? I want us to grow together; learn and do new exciting things! All current and future products are a reflection/extension of the Kirk Eliott Lifestyle and its ideals and beliefs.  So if you believe in…love…or, like any of the things previously mentioned, support The Kirk Eliott™ Experience.”

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseKirk Eliott
Fragrance/sUnconditional + Quintessential
NoseE. Kirk Jones
Size/Cost30ml/$85 + $300 (Bundle)
Source/LinkThe Kirk Eliott Experience
SoundtrackUnconditional by Gray Acres, 2019 + In The Woods by E Ruscha V, 2018
Rating75% + 86%

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