SP x Miguel Matos Private Perfumes

Here we have a collaboration between the house of SP Parfums and perfumer Miguel Matos, who has his own line of perfumes. There are five fragrances in all, below there is a link to a set of three which is currently available on the site. These all use synthetic notes regarding any animal related accords. One of these will take you to the beach, one to an outdoor state fair type setting, and others will bring fruits, spices and the great outdoors into an atomizer for all to experience.

*** NOTE: Both Lemon Sorbet & Orange (now sadly discontinued) as well as Cassis (which will make another appearance in this year’s Christmas trio), though they come with this set, were not collaborations with Miguel Matos.

Click Play, to hear my thoughts on this one.

HouseSP Parfums
OriginGermany (+ Portugal)
FragranceSP x Miguel Matos Private Perfume Set
NoseSven Pritzkoleit + Miguel Matos
ConcentrationParfum de Extrait/EDP
Size/Cost3 x 7.5ml, $114
Source/LinkSP Parfums
SoundtrackTectonics by Autumn Of Communion, 2016

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